Prevention and Early Intervention

About the Statewide PEI Project

Strategies of the Statewide PEI Project are guided by the CalMHSA Statewide Mental Health PEI Three-Year Program Plan (Fiscal Years 2020-2023), approved by the CalMHSA Board of Directors in January 2020. Current strategies include:

All initiatives implemented under the Statewide PEI Project are collectively known as “Take Action for Mental Health.”

Take Action for Mental Health is the campaign for California’s ongoing mental health movement. It builds upon established approaches and provides resources to support Californians’ mental health needs.

Californians have been through an unprecedented time with profound mental health impacts: a global pandemic, an economic recession, social and political unrest, racial inequity and violence, and multiple natural disasters. The trauma, grief, and loss of millions of Californians is real. It’s no wonder many people are struggling or not quite feeling themselves.

The primary goal for Take Action for Mental Health is to help Californians support their mental health and the mental health of people they care about. The campaign’s underlying goal is to support prevention and early intervention efforts that promote mental wellness and offer Californians the tools to seek help for themselves or a loved one.

Take Action for Mental Health is an evolution of the Each Mind Matters campaign. Over the last decade, Each Mind Matters has had a positive impact on reducing stigma of mental illness and increasing awareness of mental health needs and resources. Take Action for Mental Health builds on this progress and asks Californians to take action to support ourselves and the people we care about. 

Visit our other Take Action for Mental Health programs:

  • Know the Signs is California’s suicide prevention campaign that encourages individuals to know the signs of suicide, find the words to ask a loved one if they are thinking about suicide, and reach out to local resources.
  • The Directing Change Program and Film Contest engages students and young people throughout California to learn about the topics of suicide prevention and mental health through the medium of film.

All program and statewide evaluations conducted by the RAND Corporation on behalf of CalMHSA can be found here:

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