Increasing access to mental health care


Help@Hand, previously known as the Innovation Technology Suite Project (INN Tech Suite Project), is being administered by CalMHSA on behalf of participating member counties. This is a three-year demonstration project which is funded and directed by counties. The primary purpose of Help@Hand is to increase access to mental health care and support and to promote early detection of mental health symptoms, or even predict the onset of mental illness. Through the utilization of multiform-factor devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, as a mode of connection and treatment to reach people who are likely to go either unserved or underserved by traditional mental health care, project services will focus on prevention, early intervention, family and social support to decrease the need for psychiatric hospital and emergency care service.

The purpose of Help@Hand, previously the INN Tech Suite Project, is to serve as a complementary support system that offers a bridge to care, helps identify early signs of mental health challenges, offers timely support, removes barriers, and seeks to include new avenues of care for communities not connected to conventional county services.

Save lives and improve well-being of Californians by integrating promising technologies and lived experiences to open doors to mental health support and well-being.

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