New CalMHSA Programs Help Fill County Workforce Gaps 

To assist county behavioral health departments in addressing the currently unprecedented workforce shortages, CalMHSA has created a range of new programs to fill the need for supervision, staffing, retention, and building a future workforce pipeline.  Download Infographic (PDF)

Project Cultivate, a Master’s Level Training Program  

A partnership with Palo Alto University to offer a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program for selected county staff: 

  • County covers tuition and fees 
  • Staff accept a service commitment with the county for a designated length of time 
  • Training emphasis on two areas: Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling   
  • Deadline to apply for fall 2023: July 30 

    Remote Supervision  

    Virtual clinical supervision through a HIPAA-compliant platform to fill a gap for counties that have pre-licensed staff but do not have access to enough clinical supervisors: 

    • Counties purchase remote individual supervision hours for pre-licensed staff 
    • All supervisors in the program will complete a training to orient them to the Medi-Cal core client populations within county behavioral health  
    • Counties also have the option to purchase Triad supervision (two associates, one supervisor)  
    • Group supervision (three to eight associates, one supervisor)  

    Temporary Clinical Staffing/Permanent Staff Recruitment   

    Supporting county behavioral health departments with both temporary and permanent in-person and remote clinical staffing:  

    • Counties can purchase clinical hourly staff time for 17 identified clinical positions 
    • Short-term and long-term program needs 
    • Joint Commission staffing agency  

      Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Offerings  

      To continue to strengthen counties’ Peer workforce, counties may elect to pay for certification fees for Peer workers by purchasing items related to Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist certification.  

      CalMHSA Workforce Loan Repayment  

      This new program offers counties additional loan repayment opportunities. It includes $50,000 per recipient for individuals identified by counties and for positions that are hard to fill or retain, in exchange for a three-year service commitment.  

      For more information, email