Our Vision

About CalMHSA

The California Mental Health Services Authority is a Joint Powers of Authority (JPA) formed in 2009 by counties throughout the state to work on collaborative, multi-county projects that improve behavioral health care for all Californians. By pooling resources, forging partnerships, and leveraging technical expertise on behalf of counties, CalMHSA develops strategies and programs with an eye toward transforming community mental health; creates cross-county innovations; and is dedicated to addressing equity to better meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations. As a JPA, CalMHSA is not a state agency but is held to many of the same standards as other public entities, such as the Brown Act for all of its meetings.

A Vision of Improved Care and Access

Central to CalMHSA’s vision is the ultimate goal of improved behavioral health delivery for Californians. We take our lead from member counties — how can we best help them care for their communities? — and then lead the way toward our shared goals. Whether through workforce solutions, quality improvement and data outcomes, prevention and early intervention, administration and finance, innovation, or health information technology, we support county behavioral health departments in the vital clinical care they’re called on to deliver.

A Mission to Partner

CalMHSA’s mission is to provide member counties a flexible, efficient, and effective administrative/fiscal structure by partnering to develop and implement common strategies and programs.

Values That Serve

All of CalMHSA’s work on behalf of California counties is built on a foundation to serve Californians seeking help from the public mental health system, including:

  • Strengthening and transforming community mental health by reducing disparities in access, utilization, and outcomes by age, race, ethnicity and gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and disability
  • Community collaboration and cultural competence
  • A client/family-driven mental health system for children, transition age youth adults, older adults
  • A wellness focus, including recovery and resilience
  • A qualified, culturally competent, and diverse public mental health workforce with the knowledge and skills to work with age-specific and racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse populations

A Commitment to Diversity and Equity

Representation matters. Our dedication to eliminating inequities, oppression, and racism begins within, and our team members’ diversity strengthens the organization. CalMHSA continually works to ensure a professional environment that values cultural humility and strives for cultural proficiency in its policies, staff recruitment and retainment, day-to-day operations, and communications.